Telemedicine Visits

Telemedicine was initiated during the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown as an emergency response to maintain contact with patients and to ensure they wouldn't run out of medication while on their weight loss journey. It worked very well and SO many patients were able to continue through this difficult time with successful and healthy weight loss!

Telemedicine appointments will continue to be an option for follow-up visits. The platform I use is easy to use and HIPPA compliant.

Telemedicine has worked successfully for patients who have had to transition back to a changing work environment and their many other responsibilities.

Telemedicine will continue to be available for follow-up visits for any reason such as:

  • Convenience, save time, save gas
  • Recently exposed to Covid-19 or sick with Covid-19
  • Sick with something else (e.g. flu, bad cold, any contagious illness)
  • Can't leave work (time) or don't have a sitter for children
  • Any other personal reason or preference

Preparation for a successful Telemedicine Visit

  • Be ready to self-report a current weight
  • Be ready to self-report a current blood pressure and pulse (within the last week). Blood pressures are required for continuing with prescription refills. Have your weight and blood pressure ready prior to the appointment.
  • Be ready to update Dr. Romero with any NEW medical problems/issues and any changes with your primary medications.

The cost of the Telemedicine Visit is the same as an in-office visit. It takes the same amount of time, discussion, and problem-solving. Extra time is needed to send any handouts, either by email or regular mail. It also goes toward the cost of maintaining the Telemedicine platform.