FAQs for 2023

FAQs Regarding Wegovy,  Ozempic, and Mounjaro (updated 4/3/2023)


Do you prescribe Wegovy?  Yes. All patients interested in medical weight management require medical consultation. Patients should plan to commit to regular monthly medical visits for medical monitoring.  Patients should also plan to commit to a healthy lifestyle plan.  It is recommended that you check with your individual medical insurance plan to see if Wegovy is covered on your plan prior to making an appointment. If Wegovy is not covered by your insurance, alternative medications will be recommended. If you are an established patient interested in Wegovy, please discuss it with Dr. Romero at your next visit to obtain additional details.

Do you prescribe Ozempic? No. Ozempic is FDA approved for diabetes and there is a shortage of Ozempic. I will not be prescribing Ozempic for weight loss management. Please note that I will not be using Ozempic as a substitute for Wegovy.  If you have diabetes and are interested in Ozempic, please contact your primary care provider to see if you are an eligible candidate.

Do you prescribe Mounjaro? No. Mounjaro is FDA approved for diabetes and is extremely difficult to get covered by insurance. I will not be prescribing Mounjaro for weight loss. The good news is that Mounjaro is currently in the research stage and may be approved for weight loss in the near future (a few years). If you have diabetes and are interested in Mounjaro, please consult your primary care doctor to see if you are eligible to take Mounjaro.

These policies are based on a number of factors: medication safety, medication shortages, cost of medications, lack of insurance coverage for medications, etc.

These medication policies are in effect until further notice and will be updated here if there are any modifications or changes.