Medications For Weight Loss

Medications for Weight Loss

I prescribe medications for weight loss because diet and exercise alone have a high failure rate. Medications work and can help you stay more focused on your goals. Once you reach the maintenance phase, you are likely to be more successful keeping weight off long-term either by using lower doses of the prescription medications to prevent weight gain or restarting quickly if the weight starts to come back. Why? Because your body and brain will fight to get that weight back!

Medications alone don’t do all the work, though! Time and effort on your part is necessary to plan eating right, getting some exercise, and organizing your time to follow your plan.

Several different medication approaches are available and I will select which medication(s) may best target your needs based on your personal medical and health history, examination, and laboratory tests. For example, medications are used to decrease appetite, decrease interest in food, curtail cravings for carbohydrates and sweets, balance hormones, treat inflammatory conditions, and/or interrupt harmful metabolic pathways (such as insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome). We will review your medications and your progress at each visit and make adjustments as needed. Often more than one medication is needed to target the various strong biological pathways that drive us to overeat and gain weight. If you have been having difficulty losing weight or problems regaining weight, maybe it’s time to consider a medical evaluation to see if you qualify for a physician supervised treatment plan.